Our History

Motoexplora was born many years ago from a dream, perhaps a little crazy for the time… but born from a true and authentic passion: that of discovering the world on the saddle of a motorbike.

This passion grows steadily over the years, and little by little it takes shape in an ever clearer way, involving many friends, many fellow adventurers, many dreamers like us, until it becomes the splendid company it is today.

But the “passionate” and emotional dimension of Motoexplora has always remained the same, indeed, if anything, it has grown over the years. Motoexplora remains above all a thought, an idea, an almost philosophical conception of motorcycle travel, before being a simple company that organizes motorcycle trips as many others do (or rather, try to do…). And perhaps this is precisely one of the main reasons for our success: having always remained the same and true to ourselves, without distorting our nature, without getting overwhelmed, continuing to share our sincere and genuine passion with others and our concept of traveling in motorcycle.

The many journeys that you can see and in which you can take part are only the end of the story, but there is much more behind it: the road that has brought us here is really long. If you want to retrace it, download the e-book with our story.