22 - 23 Apr 2023


8:00 - 18:00

Greece: between History and Nature

Greece, with its monuments and the great charm of ancient history, usually identified and considered the cradle of Western civilization, the homeland of democracy and philosophy. Mount Olympus which with its 2,900 m is the highest mountain in Greece and for this reason became, in the popular imagination, the residence of the Gods. Meteora, near the charming town of Kalambaka, with large monasteries built on the rocks and dominating the whole of Thessaly. The typicality of Greek gastronomy with “souvlaki, skewers based on meat and vegetables or large salads with the inevitable” feta “. The small villages of the north where time seems to have stopped. The stone bridges that dominate centuries-old rivers and streams. We will go to the discovery of little known Greece, northern Greece and more suitable for the motorcycle trip made of breathtaking views and excellent asphalt.

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