05 Aug 2023


8:00 - 18:00

Ireland: the Green Island

“The Irish sky is an ocean of clouds and light” so goes a famous song. And under the Irish sky, on those roads, along the green fields and the sea, our tour takes place. But that is not all. The trip that we propose wants to make you discover the Ireland of the imagination, made up of simple people who animate the evenings in cozy pubs. The heart of Ireland, its people, its history, its tales, poems, tradition, songs. A motorcycle trip is also made up of roads and in Ireland every road really leads “somewhere”. Unmissable routes such as the stretches of the Wild Atlantic way (the road of motorcyclists), but also the hidden corners that help us dream. Our journey will see us cross France from south to north, through flowing roads and an inevitable stop in one of the most fascinating cities in the world which is Paris, then by ferry, with a night crossing, we will reach the green island. It will be like going back in time, difficult to find such a place in Europe! The emerald island awaits us, with sunsets, rain, tradition, pride, poets, musicians, and happiness.

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