05 - 06 Aug 2023


8:00 - 18:00

Scotland: Kilt & Road

Scotland is in some ways Britain’s most iconic nation. Its charm is unique and very particular, mainly due to its history and its legends, spread by successful novels and films such as “Braveheart”. Scotland is truly unique, thanks to the rugged beauty of its territory, the value of its inhabitants, but also to the kilts, bagpipes, whiskey and all its other traditions. During our journey we will discover wonderful cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, the mysteries of Ness, fascinating castles and places of great battles. History, myths, legends and beautiful roads. Scotland has a unique charm, waiting to be discovered, to immerse yourself in a reality that borders on dreams. A splendid coastal road, over 800 kilometers long, is the Scottish equivalent of the famous US Route 66. The North Coast 500 begins and ends in the Highland capital, Inverness, and runs along the north coast of the Highlands, taking us past the towering Scottish mountains (or Munro, as the locals call them), ancient sea stacks and sparkling lakes.

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